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Artist Statement: 


This project originated from the concept of a physical space for people to reprogram negative self-imaging and the hurtful messages that often exist today in our smart devices. The exterior of this installation is designed to catch peoples’ eye and invite curiosity and play, while offering surface-level self-reflections in the form of “notifications.” The interior is designed to invoke a collective conversation around our intrinsic value: the unique and unwavering spirit that exists within all of us regardless of what anyone else says, thinks, or does – consciously or unconsciously. Human beings dwell in a world of make believe. Our world – as we experience it internally and project it outwardly – is made up of what we believe it to be. Enter the Affirmation Station and help dream-into-being a world of caring communication, deep listening, understanding and unwavering compassion for ourselves and others. Sourcing self-worth and determining others’ merit from stories on glowing rectangles has become increasingly destabilizing and oftentimes quite damaging to real-life relationships. It seems many have forgotten – or never learned – how to speak directly to others. In my opinion, this is one of the most urgent matters of our time: normalizing the practice of self-inquiry and civil discourse. The good news is we get to choose! We get to choose where we put our focus. We get to choose what we grow within ourselves and outside of ourselves. We get to choose if we want to celebrate life by uplifting ourselves and others, or to degrade life with fear and recklessness. It’s a choice. I want people to enter this space and breathe into their own truth, to reprogram themselves from the inside, to become who they are so they can share their gifts with the world. Because your unique expression is needed. We are needed, and all of us deserve love and respect. If you are not giving that to yourself or others today, this is an opportunity to start.


~ Abram R. Katz 

Design and Build

Community Activities

Social experiment


As someone who spends a lot of time on their phone and is also trying to be more conscious of where my energy and thoughts go, this installation caught my eye. I read the artist statement and it resonated with me and made me feel inspired. I sat down in front of the mirror, looked at myself and thought about the prompt. I could feel the tears coming on. I’d never done anything like this. It was so powerful to look at myself and write that I was proud of myself for moving 2000 miles from home, something I hadn’t acknowledged until that moment. Abram validated my emotions and said that what I had done and experienced was what he had hoped to accomplish. I am so thankful for this moment and to meet a creative like Abram.

~ Akeya Gosla

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