lindee newman

"Abram creates an atmosphere of free flowing creative energy that is easy to connect with and produces visually intriguing imagery."


~ Lindee Newman, Ashland Oregon

lauren davis

"I love working with Abram! He is a creative, endearing, and talented artist. It has been a privilege to work with someone so wonderful."


~ Lauren Davis, Ashland Oregon

portrait slams

Marci Frausto

Pandemic: series 1

Sarah tang

“Working with Abram was an absolute joy. His warm presence, passion for art, and openness inspires so much imagination and creativity”

~ Sarah Tang, Ashland Oregon

Vanessa ogier

"Abram holds an eye unique to him. He captures beautiful moments that speak a thousand words."

~ Vanessa Ogier, Ashland Oregon

sylvia marie

"Working with Abram was one of the most empowering experiences of my life. He provided an environment of complete safety and made me feel sexy, alive and confident in myself ."

~ Sylvia Marie, Ashland Oregon

Nora godfrey