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"Nobody Knows Anything"

Best telephone call in a long time... I called Keiser today to ask for clarification on the 72 hour window for Covid testing. The woman who answered the phone was very curt, as per usual, didn't say hello, just asked me for my number. I took some deep breaths and let her wait.

The whole disconnected from humanity thing is quite irksome to me, and sometimes really catches me off guard. During the conversation she started to relax a bit, and then she just blurted out "nobody knows anything!" And then started giggling.

We laughed together for a while at the insanity of the collective dismantling of everything around us, and how crazy-making it is to just sit here and watch it all crumble. She explained that everyone has a different regulation and no one is following a standard, including the CDC, so it's best to just ask each individual organization that is requesting the information, many of whom have no telephone number or a way to contact them.

Have you guys seen the movie "Brazil?" It's pretty much like that. When we hung up I thanked her for her laughter and helping me feel that I wasn't alone in the insanity; she said we all have to stick together. We both heaved a heavy sigh. I could tell she was smiling on the other end.

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