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Abram Katz is a seasoned professional artist promoting social justice and personal wellbeing


As a multi-medium teaching artist, portrait photographer and film/theater director, Abram Katz offers rare insight into human behavior and a cultivated understanding of storytelling. Driven by a passion for personal growth and social change, Katz harbors a unique ability to source meaningful, transformative art from the human experience. Katz is an internationally published fine art photographer, 3-time film festival winner, and an artist grant recipient for countless social-emotional impact installations and civic engagement projects. Having founded multiple public charities and organized over 40 school-community restoration and prevention programs, Katz is a wealth of experiential knowledge in the realms human advancement and collective healing. Katz currently works as a fine art photographer, psychodrama facilitator, and creative arts teaching consultant. Abram Katz is most known for the deep level of care that he brings to his work and the communities he serves. Additional skills include: audio engineering, therapeutic folk medicine, wildcrafting, gardening, healthy cooking, and earth-based DIY practices.

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