a journey into the arts

Abram began his theater arts career in Eugene, Oregon performing alongside Hannah Fox, daughter of Jonathan Fox, founder of Playback Theater. Falling in love with the form, where personal and collective healing could be held simultaneously, Abram sought out these communities wherever he went. Over the next 10 years, he joined four more Playback troops from Eugene, OR. to Hawaii to Ashland, OR. and the SF Bay Area. Abram studied drama therapy for two years with Roni Alperin through the Living Arts Counseling Center in Berkeley, CA. He also acted as supportive musician for Living Arts Playback and Self Revelatory Theater under the direction of Armand Volkas. Most recently, Abram embarked on a exciting journey into the world of ATP (autobiographical theater performance) where he spent six months during the pandemic turning his living room into a black box theater to present his self-directed, transformative life story over Zoom! At the urging of his dear friend, Gitanjali Hemp, Abram recently founded the Community Theater Meetup in Santa Cruz, CA. for the practice, refinement and discovery of new expressive and healing art forms. Joined by Hannah Muse and friends, a new community-based healing troupe is emerging to support restorative practices in Santa Cruz County and beyond... stay tuned!