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Introduction to Drama Therapy, Playback Theater, and emergent creative art forms designed by Abram R. Katz


Current offerings

Community Theater: a series of dynamic self-expression, active listening, and group reflections, dancing on the razor’s edge of improvised play and deep collective healing. Derived from Playback Theater and drama therapy forms, Abram will lead us through sharing and mirroring our collective stories.


This group was created for everyone to be seen, heard, and truly valued within a group setting. Individual stories, life experiences and dreams will be used as material for group performance and reflection. Each session will include warmup exercises focused on basic improv. techniques surrounding giving offers, listening, trusting, staying in character, going with the flow and working together. Traditional Playback Theater forms such as fluid sculptures, pairs, and long-form playbacks will make up the bulk of our sessions together, as well as emergent forms of Psychodrama designed by Abram to carry us further into the infinite potential of reparative witnessing - simply witnessing one another without judgement through a lens of loving kindness.

Examples of psychodrama exercises for healing and personal transformation:

• Witnessed self-reflection looking directly into a mirror responding to prompts such as: [When I lookin the mirror... Inside my eyes... Today my soul is telling me...] This sharing will then be reenacted live on stage by the group. 


• Answering a call from someone you have unfinished business with or would simply like to remember and revisit. The facilitator will "ring you" and you can keep answering the call, experimenting with alternate endings until it feels complete. 


• Addressing a photograph of your younger self as an adult using role-reversals and character embodiment to explore this lived dynamic and strengthen a deep, loving relationship with yourself - all of your selves. 


•  Embodying and amplifying the inner critic voice with the intension of seeing it for what it is and changing your relationship to it.   

** Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement: These workshops are an open platform for exploring internalized messages of hate and bias, feelings of low self-worth propagated by institutional racism, embracing non-binary and queer stories in the collective narrative, and making sure underrepresented voices are given deliberate amplification and care. Shared life experiences are built into the very nature of this work, which as one opens their heart to another, ultimately leads to a profound level of empathy that makes EDI an undeniable lived truth.

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